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I read on the magazine published for British Airways that a famous church in London has been recently opened to the public called the Temple Church and most of London photos are of the church and the surrounding area that is called the Inner and Middle Temple two of England's four ancient societies of Lawyers-the Inns of Court. The area is formally called the The Temple and contains many offices of Lawyers
Entering this area is one of many narrow lanes with Law Offices on both sides of the pathEntering the Church is a large entrance with pillers which have gargoyles and this oneI call Sadnessand this is Angerthe following views of the interiorSome reading!exited this door into a courtyardand the many gardensone of four lions guarding Lord Nelsons' MonumentBusy placea photo shoot at Trafalger Squareand the photographerupstream of the Thamesand scenes from the bridge